Why Advertise in The Sudbury and Area Advertiser

At the Sudbury and Area Advertiser we are dedicated to promoting the city of Greater Sudbury and its surrounding communities by shining a bright light on the businesses and organizations that call this beautiful place ‘home’. Sudbury is ripe with hardworking citizens who may not always get the recognition they deserve – we aim to change that.

The Sudbury and Area Advertiser serves as a community bulletin board whose primary focus is to keep its citizens up to date on businesses, organizations, and events that go on throughout the city. Through the use of print and digital marketing, we strive to connect the people who live here to the businesses and organizations who operate throughout the community.

By shopping at local businesses, attending local events, and supporting local organizations you help ensure that Sudbury’s business base stays strong while also contributing to its local economy.

Whether it be a business opening, a gala dinner, a chamber meeting, or a city event we want you to be kept in the loop. That’s why we encourage you the readers, the volunteers, the business owners, the entrepreneurs, etc… to give us a shout when something comes up that you think the rest of the community should know about. Because at the end of the day that’s who we are: a community publication whose ultimate goal is to keep the fine citizens of Sudbury informed about what’s going on in the wonderful city in which they live.